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It’s Saturday evening and I’m just about to sit down and relax with a gin and tonic (followed by several glasses of red wine) but I thought I’d pause to write a quick post about this brilliant little cafe that we had a late lunch at today.

Being a dutiful South African I am always on the look out for anything from home, especially food. I discovered this place a while ago and I’ve since been in a few times to pick up some grub and some goodies to take away with me. The place is Zulu Lounge – a tiny, cosy little cafe on Morningside Road that serves coffees, soups, sandwiches and delicious baked treats all with a South African twist. Today’s feast was biltong (air dried beef – its like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it), feta and avocado wedged between two hunks of whole wheat bread and toasted. This may seem like an odd combination which was what I thought until I tried it the first time. It’s good, I promise.

I topped that off with a koeksister (for the non native readers that’s essentially a twisted plait of dough that’s deep fried and soaked in syrup – yes, you might as well rub it on your hips) and a Rhino. Before you phone customs and the RSPCA let me highlight this wasn’t a real one. A Rhino at the Zulu Lounge is a hot chocolate with honey and hazelnut syrup, smothered in cream and drizzled with toffee sauce – as if the koeksister wasn’t enough.

Well I waddled out of there with a happy smile on my face (and some more biltong in my handbag) so I thought I’d spread the South African love and tell you all to get your back sides in there next time you’re in Morningside and try the wildlife for yourself.

You cant miss it, its the shop covered in giraffe print…


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