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Hello people. I’m back from two weeks of doing nothing in the sun and frankly still getting over the shock of having to do anything more strenuous than fall out of bed and transfer myself to a lilo.

However, in the midst of trying to readjust myself to the local temperature and having daily responsibilities to deal with, I got a little foodie gift to help improve my mood. The artisan chocolate club, Cocoa Boutique, sent me one of their selection boxes to review in exchange for sharing my thoughts… so here you go…

Each month the people at Cocoa Boutique produce a new selection of handmade chocolates from both master chocolatiers and up and coming local talent, which they then send out to their subscribers. The arrival of my monthly foodie magazine is a happy moment in my life and I have to say I quite like the idea of getting a beautifully packaged delivery of chocolate to eat at the same time.

Besides the quality of the chocolate itself, the difference between this and your bog standard box of choccies is that as part of your membership you’re invited to score each one, which lends an air of sophistication to your scoffing. I recommend getting a partner, making an afternoon of it and tanning the whole box in one go.

The good news is the chocolates are worth writing home about too. Some didn’t particularly stand out from the crowd but I had one or two real favourites and even the plain chocolate drops had decent flavour. Pleasingly the local British contributions were just as good as the master chocolatiers, in fact  in some cases better  in my humble opinion.

The fun is in doing the tasting yourself so I wont bore you with endless twatty descriptions of each chocolate but I will mention my favourite.

If you decide to join the club for one reason and one reason only, then the Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels should be that reason.


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