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I have been quiet… quiet but not idle.

After the glut of Christmas, I couldnt face another mouthful of pastry, sugar or butter loaded baking so like many others I decided to take a week or two off from my self inflicted cooking challenges and writing and come back to it all after a detoxifying break.

Then Somewhere over the cold evenings of January I discovered twitter.

Well I say discovered, I joined twitter a while ago but I didn’t really get it at first. I couldn’t get past the weird short hand and disjointed conversations. And then I must have just found the right sort of people to follow because suddenly I could spend hours reading messages from other bloggers and bakers and twittering away in response. And that’s how I missed January.

The whole month gone and not a single post. And I barely noticed because I was so busy overloading on other blogs and food chat. In the process, I made some new connections with other bloggers (I say connections because I feel one can’t call someone a friend until you have bonded over a glass of wine or at the very least seen each other in the flesh but I am excited to have found them nonetheless) and discovered some really cool things happening in Edinburgh centred around food. Farm shops and markets, supper clubs, guerilla burgher munching, food geek get togethers (connections plus wine equals new friends!) and I’m following some other clever people/ projects if you are looking for twitter inspiration.

So before I get so comfortable over on twitter that I stop writing altogether I thought I better put my focus back to my own blog and what I’m going to do with February.

It’s supposed to be retox month, end of the diet, hello junk. I’m trying to stay on the wagon a little longer than that this year so I’ve decided to learn a new skill that means I can store up the calories and ration them somewhat. And hopefully I’ll win a prize at the same time.

Thanks to family, I got all the jam making goodies I put on my Christmas wish list and February happens to be marmalade month. Seville oranges are in season and the Marmalade Awards are taking place in Dalemain at the end of the month. So this month’s project is preserves and first, marmalade. My marmalade partner in crime is my friend Dawn who is also a marmalade novice so we are entering the competition together.

Recipe and results of our novice jamming to follow soon but first a challenge. Having a kitchen cupboard full of marmalade got me thinking and I’ve decided to try a project of my own. I’m calling on everyone to make their own batch of preserves and enter them into a “jar swap”. You can make any kind of preserve and enter it. Jam, vinegars, pickles…sweet, savoury… anything you want. At the end of the month I’ll put all the entries in a hat and give everyone another person to send a jar of their preserve to. So you give a jar and you receive one in return. Its a bit of fun and a chance to share with other bloggers across the country.

I also happen to have a spare copy of River Cottage Preserves, thanks to an over zealous christmas fairy, so I’m going to give that away as a treat for the best preserve. Just post a comment on my blog by the 4th of March with a link to your entry, keep a jar in the cupboard, and I’ll send you the name of the person to send it to at the end of the competition and choose the winning recipe.

Happy Jamming! ♥

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